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Weekly Horoscope, All Zodiac Signs: 23 September – 29 September 2023

Weekly Horoscope for all Zodiac Signs, Gemini, Leo, Cancer and Libra

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Weekly Horoscope, All Zodiac Signs: 23 September – 29 September 2023

Weekly Horoscope for all Zodiac Signs, Gemini, Leo, Cancer and Libra

Weekly Horoscope, All Zodiac Signs: 23 September – 29 September 2023
Weekly Horoscope, All Zodiac Signs: 23 September – 29 September 2023


Mar-21 / Apr-20

The Moon's transit through your ninth house this week, ushers in a flurry of fresh starts. You could soon go on a long journey that gives you priceless experiences and a wider perspective on life. Your desire to learn more will grow, so now is the perfect moment to continue your education or develop your talent. 

You could become emotionally invested in your work and work extra hours to make sure that your initiatives are successful. Sharing your creative solutions with your superiors at work will advance your career and earn you respect. Expect increases and possibilities in your financial life.


Apr-21 / May-21

The transit of the Moon into your eighth house this week, portends a time of change and an opening to new opportunities. You could discover yourself engaging in intense introspection, learning important things about your subconscious mind, and letting go of old patterns that don't work for you. 

Career opportunities can open up, especially when travelling for business. You'll be prepared to work longer hours at workplace and devote yourself to your tasks without giving in to stress. A full Moon guides your way, advising you to keep things low-key and concentrate on taking care of your needs.


May-22 / June-21

The full Moon urges you to look for novel ways to restore connections. Use this full Moon energy to clear up any misconceptions, and to fill any gaps that may have arisen. Take a vacation with your spouse to relax and reconnect in a calm setting. However, be wary of potential job changes that may induce worry. 

Accept change, but don't let it consume you. Patience is essential at this time since monetary advantages may be delayed slightly. Don't be concerned; instead, depend on your intelligence and ingenuity. Believe that your efforts will be repaid in due time.


June-22 / July-22

The full Moon is a time to try some new approaches to your wellness. Now is a great time to start an exercise program or do things that will improve your health and well-being. You should welcome these alterations since they will ultimately benefit you. You could get the chance to go on some business trips. 

It may lead to breakthroughs in your career that you hadn't anticipated. Financial rewards and expanded commercial prospects may also result from collaborations created now. Even as you push forward in your professional life, don't forget to nurture the bonds in your personal life.


July-23 / Aug-23

During this period, the full Moon empowers you to express your ideas to the world. Your unique perspective and creative flair will capture the attention of others and bring fresh insights to the table. In your professional life, you will be exceptionally productive and gain recognition for your hard work. 

Your efforts will not go unnoticed, and you may receive accolades or promotions. However, in your personal relationships, there may be some strain. Your partner could feel neglected due to your primarily focus on your career. Take the time to communicate your love, and make an effort to prioritise. 


Aug-24 / Sep-23

This week’s full Moon brings a harmonious atmosphere to your home. You will find joy in nurturing your family and creating a loving environment. Take this opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones and strengthen your bonds. In your professional life, you will experience a surge of productivity. Your creative ideas will keep you ahead of the game.

 Embrace this surge of inspiration and push the boundaries of your work; success is on the horizon. However, be cautious about triggering anxiety. Avoid codependency by relying on your own strengths and skills to overcome any challenges that may arise.


Sep-24 / Oct-23

The cosmos urges you to embark on an interesting journey during this full Moon week. Travelling will provide the opportunity to learn something new, extending your viewpoint. Furthermore, significant interactions with siblings or senior family members await, allowing you to improve your ties. However, be wary of being more emotionally immersed in your profession, which may cause you to neglect the significance of family time. 

Remember to strike a balance between your professional and personal life. Furthermore, you may feel confined when expressing yourself with elders at work, but don't let this discourage you.


Oct-24 / Nov-22

This full Moon, seek financial advice from your elders. Their advice could turn out to be priceless, so have an open mind and accept their expertise. Domestic work-related travel may present you with new insights and opportunities. Consider looking into online ventures or courses that might help you improve your skills and open up new opportunities. 

However, be wary of domestic tension, which can negatively impact your overall well-being. Find appropriate outlets for your emotions in order to sustain family peace. Gains may be restricted throughout this period.


Nov-23 / Dec-21

You will feel a burst of excitement and optimism that will emanate within you with this week's full Moon. This energy will reinvigorate your spirit of adventure and motivate you to embrace new chances with open arms. Expect an improvement in both your personal and professional life. 

Money could be gained through family or business ties, allowing your possessions to grow. However, it is essential that you address problems with maturity. Interactions will be critical to your growth, so communicate clearly. Accept a more mature perspective in your dealings.


Dec-22 / Jan-20

You will discover novel ways to appreciate your own company and embrace solitude as a tool of self-discovery as the week emerges with a full Moon. This is a moment for reflection and personal development. Exciting school-related news may arrive from overseas, providing prospects for additional study and broadening your horizons. 

Your productivity will be at an all-time high, but keep an eye out for burnout. To avoid weariness, take pauses, do self-care, and maintain a work-life balance. Financial constraints may exist; therefore, it is critical to stick to your budget and prevent impulsive purchases.


Jan-21 / Feb-19

The full Moon is a time of great opportunity to make new acquaintances and friends. Keep your eyes open for the mentor who will illuminate your path. The conversation might change your life if you take the advice they share. Nevertheless, avoid straining yourself to exhaustion, since this might affect you. 

Recharge your body and mind with a well-deserved respite. Consider engaging in pro bono work or volunteering, as giving back can bring immense fulfilment. Use this time to focus on things that make you happy. Spend time with loved ones and devote yourself to activities that bring you joy.


Feb-20 / Mar-20

New and interesting career prospects are on the horizon for you. Use the momentum of the full Moon to open yourself up to new experiences and possibilities. Examine your strengths and weaknesses from a different angle and acknowledge the talents you may have ignored before. Your professional success will allow you to connect with more people of influence as you build your professional reputation. 

However, prudence is warranted at the moment. Avoid falling for flattery and making hasty decisions. Think critically about the merits of any possible alliances. Make time for getaways to recharge and discover inner calm.

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