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Here’s how 2024's first Wolf Full Moon in Leo will impact your zodiac sign

2024’s first Full Wolf Moon in Leo will be seen on January 25 at 12:52 P.M. Eastern Time

Riba Jawaid

Here’s how 2024's first Wolf Full Moon in Leo will impact your zodiac sign

2024’s first Full Wolf Moon in Leo will be seen on January 25 at 12:52 P.M. Eastern Time

Here’s how 2024s first Wolf Full Moon in Leo will impact your zodiac sign
Here’s how 2024's first Wolf Full Moon in Leo will impact your zodiac sign

The first ever full Wolf Moon of 2024 is a cosmic phenomenon during which the Moon will oppose the Sun in the charitable zodiac sign Aquarius, allowing members of each zodiac sign to embrace true confidence and letting go off their fear through meditation, exchange of thoughts and spirituality.

This is the time of the year, when you can reminisce your growth and do some self-reflection. 

However, for some people the year’s first full moon in Leo might not be a right time to dwell with more discomfort.

During this upcoming full moon, remember that failure is a part of personal growth as you will never grow unless you learn to embrace the weak side.

This upcoming wolf full moon has fueled the excitement among the astrology geeks regarding what could be the impact it will have on each zodiac sign.

Wolf Full Moon in Leo Horoscope for each zodiac sign:


If you're not willing to let go of old patterns, they die hard. You can learn how to let go of your maladaptive tendencies and enjoy yourself by developing an increased awareness of them. Even though you may persuade yourself that everything is well, it would still be beneficial to check in with yourself. Think about the people you surround yourself with as a result of your artistic efforts.


You're not able to become the person you want to be because of your normal fixed sign behavior of collecting trinkets or nostalgic mementos from the past. Begin with your personal identity while you are alone. Keeping your house clean while no one else is home will affect your self-esteem. Your eagerness to show off your best qualities is what drives your confidence. To create space for decor that is affirming, cut off ties with embarrassing stuff.


Consider carefully what your definition of "normal" is. Have you mastered the art of confidently discussing a belief or passion? Or do you impose your opinions on someone who wasn't specifically asking to be lectured? Even if you may think highly of the lessons you've learned, there's a good chance you're blindly repeating bad practices that should be given more thought.

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How do you hang onto out-of-date belongings, Cancer? Do you persuade yourself that you'll utilize them at an undefined future date? Do you think it's appropriate to keep your closet stocked with items that you no longer fit? My love, you prevent the blessings of the future from coming to you when you cling to things, ideas, and dreams that aren't grounded in the here and now. Letting go is OK, even if it causes your pride to suffer.


Please do not become your own worst enemy for the sake of your life. You are not a fortune teller or a mind reader. You may feel suspicious, but it doesn't mean your assumptions are solid knowledge. Once you learn to carve a slice of humble-berry pie, you'll be ready to welcome genuine partnerships. When you have individuals around you who can make you better, why be resentful?


If you don't get outside of your own mind, you're living a lie! Your subconscious self-imposed strain prevents you from leading a contented and healthy life. Of course, a lot of you let happiness be your main motivator, but when you make fear and disgust your co-pilots, well, that just ruins the ride! Pay attention to where you're going, observe your surroundings, and keep in mind that as long as you abide by the regulations, you should probably be alright!


It seems like you've been eliminating friends and community members that impede your own development for the past three to four years, Libra. This serves as just another reminder to start excluding people based solely on their social standing. Relationships that are shallow can rapidly become problematic, and who needs to smoke? You are worthy of truth, clarity, and enjoyment. Make space for the meaningful connections that will inevitably come your way.


Scorpios should tell this to themselves that "My career is not my coping mechanism, and I will thrive when I learn to chill out."

That concludes your horoscope. You can wish that heartbreak could be turned into success due to emotional issues. Believe me, even if I understand the feeling, that isn't how it works! It's alright, take a break!


Sagittarius, enjoy every moment of your trips. I understand; it's unbearably hot to be moving about. It's possible that you're acquiring some negative behaviors that require care. Your travels are shallow if you never take the time to understand the causes of your actions. Put your car in park, uninstall the airline app, and take a month to ponder on yourself! Giving yourself some time to let life catch up with you is perfectly acceptable.


You appear to be at risk of getting booed up or something. We all admire your cool-headedness and composure, but in order to get the attention you deserve, you have to down your guard. You will undoubtedly benefit from courage and patience along the way, but watch out for letting reason take precedence over affection. Yes, you should guard your personal space, but if you're not willing to give, how can you expect to get? Mutual interchange should characterize life.


 Aquarius natives! you are suggested to let go of your situationship for this solar return, if you have to pull tarot cards, then what are you doing?

During this upcoming full moon in Leo you have to put the people you care about far behind you if you don't like them. Why bring the same drama into the new year?Learn to let go off people and relations which no longer server you for the better cause.


Take a holiday, Pisces! Plan the vacation instead of making excuses. You might go to the town across from you or, at last, explore that ideal location. 

You should take up a new position and begin traveling! It's possible that you're giving your work and health too much attention, which is good, but going beyond could have unintended consequences. This is your cue to take a break—everyone needs them from time to time.

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