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Anoushey Ashraf shares 10 fruitful pieces of advice for fellow women

Anoushey Ashraf encourages women to break free from all sorts of societal limitations and

Zainab Nasir

Anoushey Ashraf shares 10 fruitful pieces of advice for fellow women

Anoushey Ashraf encourages women to break free from all sorts of societal limitations and

Anoushey Ashraf shares 10 fruitful pieces of advice for fellow women
Anoushey Ashraf shares 10 fruitful pieces of advice for fellow women 

Anoushey Ashraf listed down a slew of things that women should fearlessly do  in 2023. 

Ashraf in her long career had a lot to offer fans but her most recent aimed at empowerment and self-discovery.

From the likes of financial independence, to self-acceptance and taking the love initiative the host urges all to accept their own unique journey.

Taking to Instagram, the VJ urged all to break free from societal limitations.

Be Financially independent

According to Anoushey it is extremely vital for a girl to earn and be on her own two feet.

“We've heard this again and again, but I can't emphasize enough on being financially independent. Not only does it give you freedom of movement, it gives you self confidence in a world that isn't too kind to our gender in general," she wrote.

Stand Up For Yourself

The actress stressed on the need that women should really   not take any sort of manipulation or abuse from anyone instead stand up and answer back.

"We've been sold the whole 'be patient, let it go' narrative for way too long but if someone has said or done something to hurt you or your reputation stand up for yourself. You don't need to take emotional abuse from anyone." 

Travel  solo or with Friends 

Anoushey   encourages  travel as it opens up opportunities for both growth and exposure.

Travelling solo helps you to  know yourself better while with friends you get  to face  diverse experiences, "you do not necessarily need a partner to travel around with. Get your girlfriends and travel to exotic places. Meet new people, have unique experiences and grow. Travel is the best education." 

Learn how to Drive 

The actress  believes  that girls should take the wheel  as  a means to survive in this selfish world. 

It will give them the opportunity to move freely and deal with everyday situations. 

About this, she declared, 'just a skill I think everyone needs to know. In case of emergency or just not being dependent on someone else driving you around all the time. Driving also gives you a sense of control (in an odd sense) it's cool." 

Confess Your Love To Someone

As we are living in 2023 the  gender dynamics have changed . So Anoushey reminds females 'its ok' to go after whoever you think is right for you  and confess the love instead of waiting around and feel regret. 

"So, you have been liking someone but waiting for him to make the first move. Wake up, girl, it’s 2023! You can ask a guy too. And it's absolutely okay! Good luck." 

Indulge in a hobby 

In order to maintain a balance  amidst the hustle and bustle of life  the star advised  ladies to take up activities and make time for hobbies like reading or writing. 

"Making time for reading, art, music, puzzles, spending time with my pets or just playing sports are essential to recharge my batteries and keep me sane in an otherwise chaotic life."  

Get Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Here Anoushey  acts like a mentor and  promoted the concept of self-acceptance . She maintained that regardless of your weight, height  or any other  flaw  embracing who you are plays a big role towards self-love. 

She said,  “so, what if you're skinny or thin? What if you (think) you're short or too tall? Accepting your authentic self is the biggest step towards knowing and honoring yourself.”

Be 100% Okay with Being Single 

Being single is a choice and no girl should ever define their value  with her relationship status, as per Anoushey. 

"It is a choice [you make] to refuse to let your life be defined by your relationship status but to live every day Happily and let your ‘ever after’ work itself out. And it will." 

Give Time To A Cause You Believe In

Anoushey   highlights that one should have the  passion to invest in a cause they deeply admire. 

"Whatever it is that gets you worked up, don't just sit around and complain. Get involved! Start taking positive, forward-thinking action and see what you can do to help the situation. Raise money, do research, volunteer your time, spread the word - it'll give you an incredible sense of purpose, and plus, people need your help,' added Anoushey. 

Work Out At Least 3 Times A Week 

The actress  sheds light on   the importance of mental and physical sanity  and for that constant workout is   necessary. 

“Not only will staying active and adapting your physical activity improve mental and physical health but it will also cut down on your risk of developing life-threatening illnesses or having a fall that results in injury.""

"It's no secret that our bodies start to decline naturally as we age. That's life, unfortunately – but it needn't be a cue to stop moving. Staying active is beneficial to us all, whatever our age!" 

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