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Weekly Horoscope, All Zodiac Signs: 21 January - 27 January 2023

Weekly Horoscope for all Zodiac Signs, Aries, Leo, Libra, Aquarius and Taurus

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Weekly Horoscope, All Zodiac Signs: 21 January - 27 January 2023

Weekly Horoscope for all Zodiac Signs, Aries, Leo, Libra, Aquarius and Taurus

Weekly Horoscope, All Zodiac Signs: 21 January - 27 January 2023
Weekly Horoscope, All Zodiac Signs: 21 January - 27 January 2023


Mar-21 / Apr-20

Make this week the beginning of a new career chapter for you. Major shifts in the Cosmos will bring you a good fortune and the attention of the people who matter the most to your success. By putting you in touch with prominent individuals, the new Moon energy will speed up your path to success and prosperity. 

The week's last transit will aid in your emotional recovery. You'll be able to think things through and get some perspective on your life in general. As a corollary, this is a great moment to devote yourself to humanitarian causes.


Apr-21 / May-21

Start the week off right by focusing on spiritual pursuits; they'll help you relax and gain perspective, just as the new Moon in your ninth house opens doors to exciting new experiences that might help you in your career or further in your education. 

It's important to retain an optimistic attitude and trust the process when things don't go as planned at work. Having a female colleague willing to help you in a pinch may work wonders for your self-esteem. In the end, you'll employ your knowledge and abilities to maintain a more vital spiritual bond to your origins.


May-22 / June-21

As the new Moon falls in the eighth house, sudden changes in your career that may not be supported by your significant other, can lead to increased anxiety about your situation. Despite this, it's important to try to look beyond these issues and take a step towards better opportunities where you will have more control. 

You'll get more respect at your current job due to the planetary trio in the ninth house, making you more committed to your profession and maybe travel far for it. You'll be able to think outside the box and contribute fresh perspectives to your workplace.


June-22 / July-22

Sometimes, a fresh start is all that's needed in a relationship, and the new Moon in the seventh house, in conjunction with the Sun, will illuminate the real problems that have been hiding in the shadows until now and provide simple solutions if the ego is set aside. 

Working as a team to benefit from this bond would be the best. Vehicle costs can accumulate; therefore, drivers should exercise caution on the road. However, financial assistance from loved ones has been evident this week. I recommend deferring any travel or education plans until this transit has passed.


July-23 / Aug-23

To get back on track with a healthy lifestyle, you need to establish tight routines, and the new Moon is the perfect time to do it. You will need to push and put that extra effort into action for those plans you have been thinking about for a while now. There's a chance to boost your regular revenue. 

Married folks will find their partner more responsive to their demands, and the relationship will improve. In business collaborations, success is inevitable. You are expected to have some financial success this week, but be wary of making impulsive decisions with your money. 


Aug-24 / Sep-23

This week, you'll meet some fascinating individuals who inspire you to see life's brighter, more enjoyable side. This new Moon will make you more outgoing and less burdened overall, and finally, be ready to establish new, more ambitious goals for yourself. You will have no trouble making ends meet because of the planetary triad in your sixth house. 

You'll be more productively engaged in your job, but you'll still need to watch out for your health. You'll need your spouse to help you relax and feel safe because your emotional vulnerability will increase during this time.


Sep-24 / Oct-23

Try something new if you want to mend fences with your parents; it won't fix things overnight, but will be helpful in the long run. The new Moon will help those who work from home by providing them with a chance to raise their income unexpectedly. 

In the next transit, you will experience a romantic upswing. Some old feelings will surface when you encounter someone from your past, but you should not allow them to cloud your judgment. It seems like you'll feel better in no time and be able to triumph over your opponent and get things done.


Oct-24 / Nov-22

This new Moon conjunct with the Sun, will supply you with the energy you need to polish your skills and learn and unlearn a few things to make everything go swiftly, making you the star you are. Now is the moment to cash in on your money from your mother's estate or any real estate investments you've made in the past. 

Perhaps, you're thinking about giving your bedroom a makeover and giving it a whole new vibe; you should totally go for it. Students will also have a productive week since they will be adequately prepared and attentive in class.


Nov-23 / Dec-21

The new Moon rising in your second house conjunct with the Sun symbolises profits through a spouse, making this week quite exciting for married people. It is preferable to invest together in the future. It will benefit authors since they will gain new ideas for their write-ups.

 The planetary trio in the third house will make your discourse appealing, attracting a lot of attention. It is possible that an unexpected short journey to meet someone important may arise. You'll be overwhelmed with nostalgia at the end of the week from this journey, which will take you to see old pals.


Dec-22 / Jan-20

Since this new Moon is occurring in your rising sign, it will have a beneficial effect on you by helping you feel more emotionally prepared to handle professional matters, protecting you from the distractions of office politics, and keeping you laser-focused. 

Your older siblings, especially, will be on your side, and you'll have a bit of lady luck on your side, too. Use this transit to your advantage as much as possible. You'll be able to have a profound emotional connection with your partner, which will profoundly affect your marriage positively.


Jan-21 / Feb-19

You'll have plenty of time at the start of the week to think things through and get a clear picture of what's going on in your life, and the new Moon will help you accept things as they really are. The transit might cause you to experience exceptionally vivid dreams. 

The planetary triad in your first house will help you carry out your plans and continue to streamline your life to your satisfaction. A spiritual experience in your home will unite you and your loved ones and even bring about a religious event that will offer peace and joy.


Feb-20 / Mar-20

The new Moon is an excellent opportunity to make connections with significant individuals in your profession, increasing the likelihood of adding a new member to your network circle. Conversely, it would be best to get away from your daily routine's stress. If the business is your focus, the 12th house conjunction will introduce you to potential investors and partners throughout the globe. 

Those in a long-distance relationship have the potential for heartbreak in their personal life. In academics, students will perform well this week but may struggle emotionally; thus, support from parents will be highly required.

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