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Lies Dark as Night

By Michelle Pearson

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Lies Dark as Night

By Michelle Pearson

Lies Dark as Night

There he was. Mr. Perfect. Mr. Heart break. Mr. Player.

My cool green eyes locked onto the form that stood in his cliché a few feet away from me. He was surrounded by his fellow players. He was center stage, though. Icy blue eyes, breathe taking hair, and a form to make any girl feel warmth everywhere in her body. Every girl but me. I tossed my red locks behind my shoulder, and carefully diverted my gaze. There was something about Mr. Perfect that nobody else knew. A grin tugged up at the corner of my mouth, and for a moment I felt invincible. I knew his lies. I knew what he really was.

But he knew nothing about me.

The thought in its self was enough to draw a chuckle from my voice box, but not without gaining curious glances. Slowly, I raised my gaze, and quirked one eye brow up to question the stares. I was the new girl here. No one knew why I was standing here with such confidence, but that just comes with the job. Listen, I'm not your average girl. I don't play soccer. I don't cheer, I don't do drama club. I am one hell of an actress, but that comes with the trade. I was dangerous, a force to be reckoned with. A force to be dealt with careful handling. I was often compared to a stick of dynomite by many of my associates. I was the best.

You may be wondering what it is exactly that I do. I'm a hunter. I hunt things from the super natural, whether it be a fallen angel, or a vampire. Blood sucking leeches that they were. I turned my gaze once more to my target. His icy blue gaze caught mine, and for a moment it was unwavering. I turned toward him, the corner of my mouth twitching up into a sadistic smile. With my gaze I sent him a message. One that he wouldn't be able to ignore.

I know what you are.

His mouth slowly turned into a frown before he turned abruptly away from me. He knew what I was from just the look in my eyes. Yet he did something oddly unusual. He waited for the bell to ring, and watched as I shrank into the darkness. I wanted to talk to him, and he knew it. In fact, his body structure had told me he wanted to have a few words with me as well. I picked a deserted stretch of hallway, and leisurely leaned back against one of the lockers, and propped my foot against it. It took him only a few moments to show. By the set in his jaw, and the hardness of his eyes I could tell he wasn't happy. I didn't care.

"Hello handsome." I whispered, my voice caressing his ears, and causing his anger just to boil more. Good, I thought to myself. Let him get angry. It will only shorten the time he has on earth, walking among the innocent. You don't belong here.

"What are you doing here?" He asked, his tone rigid. In fact, his whole demeanor was rigid. He was not happy with my presence here at all. His nostrils flared as I allowed a sweet smile to float across my constitution. "Cut off the sweet act. We both know what you are."

"Better than you. I'm not a monster by nature. I was created to be your worst nightmare."

Within a flash he had me by the throat, and threw me up against the lockers. His eyes hardened before flashing a darker black. It must have been the hybrid in him that made his eyes darker than the others when they were angry. I merely grinned, and drawled "You don't want to be doing that."

He snarled, and tightened his grip. "And why the hell not?"

I merely grinned softly. "Because your life depends on it. If you make one more move to kill me, I'll destroy you now."

A look of curiosity mixed with loathing passed across his constitution before his eyes traveled my being. I saw his eyes calculating everything. The tattoo on the side of my neck that read 'Angel'. The weapons that were scattered throughout my being. The one that his gaze seemed to linger on the most was the dagger in my belt. Its stunning beauty was enough to draw attention to it. The detail on the handle was carved with a delicate touch, and the blade sharpened to a deadly point. Words written in the hunters' natural language glimmered along the center of the blade. His eyes then turned slowly to my clothing. My feet were clad in knee-high boots with a slight heel. Perfect for hiding daggers, and small hand guns in the mouth of the boot. I could feel his gaze travel up my trousers, and then assess my cloak. It was open reveal a strap that ran across my chest in order to secure the bow and arrows hidden. My shirt was a tight fitting fabric, but allowed me to breath and turn to my desire. I could feel his grip slack before dropping me back to the floor. Quietly, with intense eyes he inquired of me "How did they find me?"

I brushed my cloak off as if his touch had left slime on my clothes. I then raised my gaze to meet his. He finally understood why I was here. One side of my mouth tilted up slightly with an amused smirk. I was clearly deciding on if I should answer him, or not. Finally, I spoke. "You should know that when you were cast from the heavens for your imperfections they never stopped watching you. The blood of your victims called out for justice, and after so many calls ignored they decided to create some one that could control you. Me." He silent as he assessed me once more. I took that as my cue to continue speaking. "You were a pure blood angel at one point in time, but you were exposed to greed on one of your many unauthorized visits to earth. In your greed you searched for greater power, and made a deal with the devil. Quite literally. They never forgave you for that. And now, your countless murders have got their attention."

He shook his head, and snarled, "Spare me the history lesson. I know what happened, but why are you here."

All I offered for an answer was my signature grin, and answered "To make sure you behave. Class has started. You're tardy. Get to class."

And with that, I turned and walked away. He would undoubtedly see me again in the near future, much as he despised it.

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