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Western Tales: An emotional tale of romance and regrets

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Western Tales: An emotional tale of romance and regrets

Western Tales: An emotional tale of romance and regrets
Western Tales: An emotional tale of romance and regrets 

Allie and Kenny

In San Diego, very early morning, a thirty eight year old woman named Allison Gosling is walking with her 10 year old son, towards a graveyard. As she goes nearer towards the gate of the cemetery, she then asks her son to wait outside of the graveyard. She enters inside alone and that too without any flowers.

Meanwhile, her son waits outside and takes out a golden framed photograph of her mother’s wedding from his pocket.

Inside the cemetery, Allison was sitting next to a grave and weeping silently,

‘It's been ten years, since I've lost you,’ she said while weeping.

She takes out a photograph and looks at it weeping soundly,

‘Wow… This picture will be more worthier than my life itself,’ a male’s voice echoes in her mind.

Moments later, Allison was driving her car with her son sitting next to the driving seat. He looks at the framed photo and says to himself in heart:

‘This guy Claude Ricci was my father, but Mom's love story was with Kennedy... And they were together known as Allie and Kenny.’

She drives her car towards their home, and they reach home within an hour.

Allison parks her car outside, and goes towards the door of her bungalow. As she takes out the house keys, she finds something wrapped in a cloth outside her gate. Her son picks it up and gives it to her. She unwraps it and gets shocked to see something unexpected.

Unsuccessful Lover

San Jose, Coast of a seaside, at nine o clock of the one fine evening, Kennedy Ipkiss a twenty eight-year-old adult is walking angrily, holding a bouquet of blue dried out flowers, he has painful memories in mind. As he closes his eyes, he goes to a brief flash back of a couple of years back.

He sees his girl friend of his age crying by having a support of his shoulder. Then he sees himself departing from that same girl in an airport… And then he sees a woman elder than him saying: ‘Go back to her and fix things right the way you want, because no matter if I’m totally similar to her just like her twin sister or something, I can never be replaced to your original love.’

He opens his eyes angrily, and screams out loudly:

‘Affair! Romance! Affection! Love! I had this stuff once in life with my perfect love and it can’t be replaced… because no one can take her place.’

He takes out a photograph from his pocket and keeps on looking at it for a while.

‘A moment to remember, when Allie and I were at an art gallery.’

He picks up a rock and throws it as far as he could. He asks himself:

‘I’ve been a lover, and a devotee sort of lover. Love has given me nothing but grief and sorrows. I’ve been in love with only one woman of my life, Allison Gosling, but maybe she didn’t deserve me… No problem, I’ll make her deserve, I’ll go back to her and make her mine, whether she agrees or not, likes it or not.’

Saying this stuff, he walks and slowly lies on ground, thinking how to return back to his love Allison Gosling.

Western Tales: An emotional tale of romance and regrets

A moment later, he sees a bookseller walking by his side, carrying some books. He waves him to come towards him. As the bookseller comes he says:

‘Yes? How can I help you sir?’

‘Do you have any diary or notebook?’

‘Yes of course, here you go,’ the bookseller says showing him some notebooks.

Kennedy purchases the notebook and borrows a pen. As the bookseller leaves, he starts writing his brief biography about his past love life.

My One Sided Love

1998, I was a twenty two year old candidate of San Diego State University. I was studying Dentistry in final grade. I was still with my family in the same apartment. I was my parent’s only hope.

In those days, I was known to be a living for others kind of guy. This was my love story with a girl who came easily in my life and went away easily from my life. Maybe people who would read my love story would make a joke out of me that how much I’ve been a loser in love.

She was Allison Gosling with whom I had a relationship of just best friends. I had sort of love at first sight on her. But I never cared to tell her my feelings, maybe because I didn’t had any past experience of suffering pain in losing love.

Being good friends Allison and I used to spend every spare moment with each other. And just like every other couple we had a same mode of expressing friendship, which was like sharing happiness and sorrows. I never compared myself with others, because I knew that I was just an ordinary guy with common feelings.

One morning, while Allison and I were walking outside her home’s garage, she was wondering something and thinking about sharing it with me. So getting curious, I asked her:

‘What’s going on in your mind?’

‘Kenny I was wondering, we are in relationship since one month, and I haven’t shared the most important purpose of my life with you.’

‘Really? What is it let me know?’

‘I think I can’t tell you right now, maybe it’s not the right time.’


‘I feel as if I’ll tell you then you might break up your relationship with me.’

‘Oh, don’t worry about that, I promise I won’t do that, and secondly it’s okay if you’re not comfortable with telling me right now, you can take your time Allie.’

‘Thank you Kenny,’ she smiles, ‘You’re a best friend anyone can have.’

She used to consider me as her best friend only, but for me she was my love, which was unfortunately only one sided.

An Hour at the Art Gallery

A couple of months passed, Allison and I were so close to each other that we hardly spent any moment without each other, because we were totally dependent on each other. I had a feeling or a misunderstanding, that she was also in love with me, but I was wrong. I always wanted to do something great for her that she would always remember me for her lifetime, unfortunately which I did.

One cloudy morning, Allison and I were returning from our first lecture and were headed towards the art gallery. Allison was having a photographer's camera in her hand, as she was capturing pictures of sky.

As we entered inside the art gallery, we saw plenty of new paintings. We were amused to see those wonderful drawings.

While she was capturing all the pictures in her camera, I asked her:

'What do you find so interesting in these?'

'Well all these are someone all in one for me.'

'All in one?'

'Yes, they are sincere friends, true lovers, and best partners.'

'Really? And according to you who can be your someone all in one?'

'Well, actually these pictures don't possess such qualities, but any living being can.'

'So, what are they?' I asked getting interested.

'It's a phrase, a partner in every sorrow, a shield before every trouble.'

'So, that's all you want?' I asked giving loyalty expression, 'I will be for you, I promise, partner in sorrows and shield before troubles.'

'I know,' she smiled nervously, 'you've always been.'

She turned towards the drawings and continued taking photographs.

I walked towards another path where paintings of romantic legends were made. I was thinking of having a romantic portrait in future, which would have Allison’s picture and mine in drawing form.

While I was looking at the drawings, Allison came by my side and pointed at a large portrait of a red heart with an angel's wings made of red rose petals. I was amazed to see that enchanting picture and said to her:

'Let's capture this moment.'

'Capture?' she asked.

Western Tales: An emotional tale of romance and regrets

I asked one of our colleagues, who were passing by to come here, and take our picture. Allison gave him her camera and we both stood on the left side of the portrait. He captured our photograph. I said to Allison:

'I need a hard copy of this.’

‘Sure,’ she said taking back the camera.

When she smiled looking at the picture on her camera’s screen, my misunderstanding gained more confidence.

Allison Reveals Shocking News

One day Allison took me to her room and showed me her very own drawer that had nothing else except my gifts and cards, which I gave her on some occasions. She took out a valentine’s card and a heart shaped necklace,

‘Do you remember this? You gave me these on our last valentine.’

Keeping them aside she took out three friendship cards along with a Black Hand Bag, and said:

‘These things, you gave every month since.’

Then she took out a large happy birthday card, and then opened her closet nearby and took out an expensive blue long skirt and said:

‘And these on my last birthday.’

‘Yes, this all happened,’ I said stopping her, ‘but why are you showing me this stuff?’

‘My purpose here is to ask you that why do you care a lot? I mean I need to know what’s in your heart, you favor me a lot, present different gifts but never tell me what you are doing this for. I think you are wooing me for some purpose.’

‘Oh, come on, it’s nothing like that,’ I laughed pretending to be normal. ‘You know I like your reactions or your way of thanking, but honestly there’s nothing like wooing for some purpose.’

‘Well, in that case, I need to disclose my secret purpose of life. But first tell me have you ever loved someone with all your heart, who is not willing to be with you.’

‘Well, yes, Jenny’ I lied making a false story, ‘it was her, I loved her, but we were different in every aspect. So, I finally couldn’t get her. I just used to stalk her.’

‘Really? Why didn’t you ever tell me?’

‘Doesn’t matter, forget it.’

‘Anyways, I was telling you that since past two years my purpose of life is Claude Ricci.’

‘Claude Ricci? Purpose? I didn’t get you.’

‘Since two years I’ve always been in love with a neighbour of mine, who was a good friend of mine and he said that one day we would be a family.’

‘But why didn’t you ever tell me about him?’ I asked getting sad and confused.

‘Because he left our neighbourhood two weeks before I first time met you.’

‘Oh, I see,’ I said getting shockingly depressed.

‘The good news here is, that he is returning tomorrow from Houston and I will continue my romantic relationship with him getting engaged as soon as possible.’

I gave her a reassuring smile and told her that I had to leave. I left her home sadly realising that my one and only love story was to finish unsuccessfully.

That moment I felt tears in my eyes but I didn’t care to rub them off.

to be continued...

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