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Weekly Horoscope, All Zodiac Signs: 03 June – 09 June 2023

Weekly Horoscope for all Zodiac Signs, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo and Cancer

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Weekly Horoscope, All Zodiac Signs: 03 June – 09 June 2023

Weekly Horoscope for all Zodiac Signs, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo and Cancer

Weekly Horoscope, All Zodiac Signs: 03 June – 09 June 2023
Weekly Horoscope, All Zodiac Signs: 03 June – 09 June 2023


Mar-21 / Apr-20

You've probably been doing a lot of soul-searching this week as the Moon is conjunct with the South Node, giving you issues in your personal life and making you feel distant. Take a break and think about what's truly important to you. It may feel like you've lost some of your natural vigor and enthusiasm as you prepare for new challenges, but know that this is only temporary. 

With the full Moon in the eighth house, make the most of your peace of mind by establishing attainable goals, exploring alternative sources of motivation, and avoiding making financial decisions for now.


Apr-21 / May-21

This week, you may notice that your ability to express yourself clearly increases, allowing you to have effective conversations with coworkers. Now is an excellent time to learn something new and expand your horizons. With the full Moon occurring in your sixth house of money and health, you have a good chance of making more money or making prudent investments. 

However, exercise restraint and avoid going into debt. Maintain your physical fitness and take frequent pauses to relieve stress. Be understanding in your relationships, as misconceptions are often at the root of arguments. This week offers chances for improvement.


May-22 / June-21

As this week begins, with the full Moon happening in your fifth house, you'll find yourself feeling more energetic and passionate about your projects and hobbies. You may even discover a new interest that lights a spark within you. Take advantage of this renewed vitality by exploring creative outlets and socialising with like-minded individuals. 

However, be mindful not to take on too much at once, as this could cause burnout. Stay grounded by setting healthy boundaries and focusing on self-care. This is a great time to prioritise your well-being, and take steps towards achieving your long-term goals.


June-22 / July-22

Cancer, you're in for a thrilling and eventful week. You'll have more pep in your step and more confidence in your ability to handle whatever comes your way. You'll be able to make life-altering choices with ease since your innate intuition will be amplified. 

Your natural intuition will be heightened as the full Moon is in your fourth house. Use this to your advantage by focusing on your relationships with loved ones, especially your spouse. Spend some time working on your own personal and spiritual development. Make time for yourself and the activities that bring you joy.


July-23 / Aug-23

Leo, this week will be all about taking bold steps towards achieving your goals. With the support of the full Moon, you will feel confident and determined to tackle any challenge that comes your way. Your natural charisma and leadership qualities will help you rally people towards your vision, making you the centre of attention in social circles. 

However, be mindful of taking on too much responsibility. Prioritise self-care and relaxation to recharge your batteries. The Moon will be influencing your sixth house. Financially, you may feel strained, so avoid overspending. 


Aug-24 / Sep-23

The week ahead has much promise with several delightful occurrences on the horizon. Your professional life is about to take off. You may be given a new assignment or more responsibility, both of which will help you grow professionally. 

A third-house full Moon is a good time to investigate potential investments or start a new business. Your communication abilities will be at an all-time high, making it easy for you to win others over. But don't make any snap judgements because that could have unintended consequences. Be prudent in your approach, and you will undoubtedly achieve your goals.


Sep-24 / Oct-23

This week, you’ll see the results of all your efforts. When your superiors acknowledge your hard work and success, it will validate your efforts and make you feel good about yourself. But don't let that success lull you into slacking off; keep at it. 

Having the Moon's South Node affects your social life and may cause you to distance yourself from relationships. On the other hand, the full Moon will help you network with important individuals who can help you progress in your career. Take some time for yourself to unwind, as you might feel a bit overwhelmed by the attention.


Oct-24 / Nov-22

This week starts with the full Moon in the first house; therefore, you may experience some intense emotions that will require your attention. Do not suppress your feelings; take the time to reflect on. This will help you identify any underlying issues and work towards resolving them. 

Your career may take a backseat this week as you focus more on your personal life. You may find yourself spending more time alone, which will bring you a sense of peace. Financial gains from overseas are indicated. By the end of the week, your priority should be your mental and emotional wellbeing.


Nov-23 / Dec-21

This week, you are likely to feel optimistic. Your positive energy will attract good opportunities, so make sure you are open to new experiences. Balancing your personal and professional lives may be challenging. Try to avoid overcommitting yourself and prioritise tasks. This is a great week for love and relationships. 

Singles may find themselves attracted to someone new, while those in a committed relationship will enjoy harmonious moments with their partners. A full Moon is occurring in the 12th house, so be mindful of your spending this week. Consider seeking financial advice to help manage your finances better.


Dec-22 / Jan-20

With the full Moon in the 11th house this week, you may discover that your intuition is sharper and that you have a greater interest in spiritual matters. Take advantage of this while deciding what to do next; trusting your intuition will lead you in the right direction. 

It's possible that assistance from overseas will come to your rescue. The potential for professional development and promotion exists. To advance in your chosen field, you should welcome new experiences. Focus on improving your diet and exercise routine since they will have an immediate impact on the quality of your life.


Jan-21 / Feb-19

This week, Aquarius, is all about getting in touch with others. With the full Moon in your 10th house of professional networking, you'll be in the best possible position to make connections with influential individuals who can help you advance in your career. 

You could also feel compelled to engage in artistic pursuits as a means of counterbalancing your hectic schedule. But don't act hastily, as that could cause conflicts that aren't necessary. Don't lose your sense of direction or your focus. Relationships, both personal and professional, have a good chance of flourishing this week.


Feb-20 / Mar-20

This week will be all about personal growth and self-reflection. You will feel a strong desire to connect with your inner self and evaluate your life goals and aspirations. As the full Moon takes place in the ninth house, take some time to meditate or engage in activities that allow you to process your thoughts and emotions. 

This introspective period will help you gain clarity. Trust your instincts and make any necessary changes to align with your vision. However, avoid being too hard on yourself or expecting quick results. Consistency and patience are essential in the long haul of self-improvement.

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