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Best Valentine’s Day Makeup Ideas

Valentine’s Day makeup look will help any date to feel a touch more dramatic

Umema Syed

Best Valentine’s Day Makeup Ideas

Valentine’s Day makeup look will help any date to feel a touch more dramatic

Best Valentine’s Day Makeup Ideas
Best Valentine’s Day Makeup Ideas

Valentine’s Day is the time to celebrate love and relationships. So why not use this opportunity to get creative with your Valentine’s Day makeup look, tailored to this very special occasion? 

A thoughtfully paired aesthetic centered on the perfect Valentine’s Day makeup look will help any date to feel a touch more dramatic, simply for being a touch less regular.

Pink Cut Crease

When it comes to the colour pink, more is more on V-Day. Layer a hot pink shade onto soft baby pink for a sharp cut crease. Finish off with a hot pink blush to match. A multiuse product like Valentino Beauty Eye2Cheek Eyeshadow and Blush gets the job done in one fell swoop.

Frosted Glam

A glazed beauty look will have you glowing in the candlelight. To re-create Gigi Hadid's frosted look, use a cream or balm highlighter like Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Beauty Light Wand or Westman Atelier Lit Up Glow Highlighter Stick on the lids and high points of your face.

Best Valentine’s Day Makeup Ideas

Siren Red

There's nothing more fitting for date night than a perfect cherry red lip. To nail the application, use a precision brush like Christian Louboutin Lip Brush to draw on the perfect Cupid's bow with a bold red lipstick of your choice.

Hint of Lavender

Tired of pink? Lavender is a great way to add some colour without being so obvious. Create a soft wash across the lids and add a pop on the lower lash line. Finish off with fluttery lashes – we love these flirty ones from REM Beauty.

4 Tips & Tricks to Ace your Makeup Look

Makeup artist Lucia Pica looked to when envisioning Byredo’s first-ever makeup collection, First Emotions. “My head kind of went to the first emotions of when you fall in love,” says Pica. “It’s about the individual’s state of being at the moment, and how the body is inundated with these emotions, which might be contrasting but are all happening at the same time.”

In that sensuous spirit, Pica’s tips for a swoon-worthy Valentine’s Day makeup look are all about the kind of hands-on application they won’t be able to take their eyes off of.

Use Your Hands

For an unabashedly romantic look, ditch the brushes. Pica urges fans to apply the collection (and V-Day makeup in general) with their fingertips, layering, smudging, and generally colouring outside of the lines. “There’s something about feeling the makeup that I’m interested in,” she says. “I want people to experience it.”

Focus on the Eyes

While Valentine’s Day makeup tends to centre on the lips for a flattering look – Pica suggests celebrating with an enhanced gaze. She recommends applying ample eyeliner to define and deepen, finished with a generous pull of mascara.

Embrace the Haze

Should you opt for eyeshadow, Pica recommends keeping things soft and blurry, the better to mimic the dreaminess that you’re feeling. “You can sort of translate these emotions, almost as if they were coming out of your eyes,” she says. (Heart-eyed emoji, anyone?)

Keep It Bright

Whether you favour neutrals, petal pinks, or deep reds, a final, well-placed touch of warm metallic will help keep things celebratory. “A gold accent provides some brightness and glow, like when you’re in love, and you feel like you can do anything,” says Pica. So add a feathering of gold to lids, or let a gilded highlight offer extra radiance.

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