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Chicken Marbella Sandwich recipe

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Chicken Marbella Sandwich recipe

Chicken Marbella Sandwich recipe


· 15-20 g mixed nuts, roughly chopped

· Pinch fennel seeds

· 60 g Greek yogurt

· 4 teaspoons olive oil

· 25 g pitted green olives, roughly chopped

· 30 g pitted prunes, roughly chopped

· ½ celery stick, thinly sliced

· 100 g cooked chicken, cut into pieces

· 1 teaspoon chopped green chillies

· Handful salad leaves

· 2 slices whole meal, lightly toasted


Heat a frying pan over a low-medium heat. Add the nuts and toast for two minutes, tossing the pan, then tip out into a bowl. 

Toast the fennel seeds in the same pan for one minute, then roughly crush in a pestle and mortar. 

Add to the toasted nuts, then mix in the yogurt. Gradually whisk the oil into the yogurt mixture, then loosen with a few drops of olive brine (or just use water). 

Fold the prunes, olives, celery, chicken and green chilli into the dressing, then season with some salt. 

Pile the chicken mixture onto one slice of the toast, then top with the salad leaves and the second slice. Cut in half and stack to serve.

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